Security and Detection

Why Gleemlabs Technology is your Detection Advantage

  • Are you thinking on Through The Wall Systems (TTWS) for law enforcement or counterterrorism? [1]TTWS
  • Or are you thinking on improving ultrasonic systems for Military, Fish or Medical image detection?


Gleemlabs technology is your detection advantage. It is applicable to any available digital sensor because it is based on advanced baseband software Digital Signal Processing algorithms to provide:

  1. Increase Axial resolution x4 with respect to similar systems.
  2. Reduce Frequency x4 to maintaining the same resolution.
  3. Increase range x16 maintaining the same resolution of current systems.
  4. No blind time acquisition.
  5. Very low lateral lobes (<80dB).
  6. Simultaneous speed and position measurement.

Patented Technology

Our Detection Technology is patented in Spain and it is on international protection through PCT process. For more information contact us by email or contact form mentioning your questions or interests.


[1] US Dept. Of Justice Office “Through-the-wall Sensors for Law Enforcement”. Market survey. Octubre 2012.