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Perception Advertising

Create immersive and impressive mobile advertising haptic videos with motion. Send by email, post on your Website, Facebook or Twitter. Your customers will feel at finger tips what you want to sell them, in their browsers, without installing apps.

Advanced SW Development

We develop advanced software for Mobile applications, Robotics, UAV/Drone visual based navigation, Image processing, and more…

DETECTION Technologies

We develop technologies for a safer and secure life, improving current detection systems by means of our patented technology.


We create gleaming ideas for you to enjoy and get safer life
Everything you think is possible

Gleemlabs team is composed by Engineers, Doctors and Scientific staff to provide the best solution to your needs. We have more than 40 years experience and more than 35 succesful projects in several technical and technological areas. So we hace the skills and the experience to make your project a success

  • Complex Mobile application development

    We have a high experience developing complex software, specially requiring hardware optimization to obtain the best of your application and hardware limitations to guarantee real time operation

  • Patented technologies

    We have a patent portfolio that protects all our technologies. We have more than 15 years of experience patenting all over the world.

  • A highly experienced team

    We are able to develop everything, using every language available, from front-end applications to back-end development, on every operating system and every machine

  • Hardware and software integration

    All our projects have a high hardware compound and we create our software to be easily integrated with hardware avoiding future problems, lowering consumption, and reducing maintenance effort

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